Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogger Quilt Festival Entry

This is my entry to the Blogger Quilt Festival.
When I finished a quilt, I usually tied them or I hand quilted them. A few years ago, I made this quilt for my grand child to be. I did machine quilting for the first time. I was not very good at it. In fact I was really bad ! I did not give this to my grand daughter because the machine quilting was so awful. 

I started reading machine sewing quilt books and watching tutorials to help me. I practiced and practiced. I am getting better at machine quilting.

But definitely need more practice. My grand daughter was born in April 2009. I have made her a Halloween costume and dresses. I am working on a Christmas quilt for her. I also would love a long arm machine, for now I will practice with my regular machine.


  1. Your story is so much like mine! But I gave the quilt to my son for his daughter anyway, inspite of the bad quilting! Enjoy your journey!

  2. The little characters in the quilt are fabulous! Every quilt that is made has love, patience and skill in it ... this one reflects all of that!

  3. I to spent the early part of my quilting tying. Recently I made a themed quilt for a GS and tied it by DH request. All quilts were tied when he was a child.
    Enjoy the machine quilting but enjoy the tradition as well.

  4. Quilting is something that I am working on too...not as easy as it looks!! Love your quilt...the fabric is wonderfuL! Babies aren't fussy and don't judge quilting! :o) Take care!

  5. Love your animals! I have plugged away at my quilting and I do believe it is getting better. I encourage you to persevere. Nobody judges our work as harshly as we do ourselves.