Sunday, October 3, 2010


Found this cute kitten in our barn. She is about 2 months. She was cold and hungry. My dogs  (2 labs) do not seem to care if she is around. She is not even afraid of the chickens. I have no idea where she could have come from unless she was dropped. Our neighbors are a half mile to a mile away, depending on the direction you are going. Sometimes when the economy gets tough ,people do things like dropping animals at farms in hopes that they will be taken care of. Our cat "Inky" died 2 years ago, so we did not have a cat. She is a lucky cat. Right now she is asleep on the sofa.


  1. Your Profile is set to "no reply" but I found you anyway............most are ggoing to throw your entry away, go read my post for today, Oct 4 on how to fix it and re-enter everywhere.
    Thanks, and be sure to come back to Oct 1 post too. There's new things every monday and sometimes imbetween!! Today: pear in a partridge tree.
    Good luck with all the giveaways you've entered!

  2. Cats show up at our home too. It's as if there's a sign out front that says "All cats welcome here!" Looks like he'll be a great companion.

  3. Very cute... what's the cats name?

  4. Aw, she's definitely a lucky girl! Thank you, Corinne, for visiting my blog today and entering my book giveaway! Please come back and visit and post again.
    Hugs, Diane

  5. What a lucky cat! I found my cat Sooty when she was the same age.