Friday, October 8, 2010


                                             Well, almost finished quilt and I am trying too figure what border I would like, The fabric I bought, I do not like once the quilt top was done.  So I laid it on the quilting frame to get a better look at it. I had to take the clothes out of the dryer. When I came back, I  could not find the kitten anywhere in the house. I looked up and down the stairs, from room to room.  I did not want any accidents.  Well the new kitty thinks that my quilting loom is her new bed.  I have news for her. She is cute but not that cute to lay on the quilt loom. OK, back to quilting I also have 6 charm pack of Moda 12 day of Christmas that I want to make into a quilt. I do not know what pattern yet. I do know that I really like the fabric.


  1. Yep-kitties love that hammock effect of a top or quilt-in-progress on the quilting table. I have to watch it when I have a customer quilt on because I sure don't want the cats making their homes there! I was looking through my webshots pics yesterday and found one I had taken where my old tom cat KittyBob was lounging across a pile of scraps. KittyBob died almost a year ago- old age. The new KittyBob-- really named BlueEyes (pronounced boo-eyes) is beginning to warm up to quilting. UH-OH!

  2. Looks like it passes the kitty test. Very nice.