Monday, October 11, 2010

Old dog "Gunner"

Look what I found!!!!!


Gunner playing like a puppy on this beautiful Sunday. He always manages to find a branch, not a stick, to play with. He also, tried to get on the deck with this 5 foot branch with no success.

The chickens were out having a good time. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful day of 70 degrees.


 The hills are telling us that winter is coming,
the leaves are falling off the trees.
Hope your Sunday was a s beautiful.

Gunner sleeping after a long beautiful fall day


  1. Hello!
    Just found your blog! I see you're just starting so I'll give you my support! We also have cats and 2 chickens, and I love quilting and sewing...
    I hope you enjoy the quilt along, I'm in as well.

  2. Hello! I love your post of Gunner, the chickens and the beautiful fall colors. You post a comment on my website entering the Fall into Fall Giveaway and I want to say that...
    YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE!!!! I contact you via email soon! I'm now a follower of yours!